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Specilizing in PET Series of injecton molding machine
1. Super energy saving, output power varies with load, and no energy is wasted, in the holding pressure phase, the servo motor will reduce speed with low energy consuption; during the cool down period, the motor does not work, with zero power consumption, compared with the ordinary injection molding machines, it can save 20% to 80% of the power.
2. High precision and high stability, Equipped with the precise pressure sensor and rotary encoder, it can respectively monitor and feed back on the flow and pressure. Based on the feedback, the high performance synchronous servo motor will adjust flow and pressure accordingly by changing the speed and torque. The closed-loop control can ensure the stability of product quality.
3. High response and High efficiecy, the driving system responsed with high sensitivity. It take only 0.05 seconds to reach maximum value. The response speed is much faster than the ordinary injection molding machines, in the way, it significantly shortens the cycle time and increases the production efficiency.
4. Adopt the speical designed screw and injection unit, in order to facilitate PET raw materials plasticizing and molding.
5. The ejector system can be well meet the production of PET products.
6. With the high-power motor pump system, it can achieve shorter cycle time.
7. With the high g torque hydraulic motor for plasticizing, it can charging and mix the pet material well.
8. Bigger tie bar distance, compare with other supplier, we have bigger tie bar distance, we can put big molds in the machine.
9. Long openging stroke, compare with other suppliers, we have long opening stroke which can produce deep cavitiy product install competitor bigger size of machine.

Ningbo Beilun Highsun Machinery Co., Ltd, established in 1973, is a leading PET Injection Molding Machine manufacturers and PET Injection Molding Machine Factory in China, with over 48 years of experience, Professional wholesale PET Injection Molding Machine and other types of injection molding machines, equipped with advanced CNC machining system (CNC utilization rate: more than 83%). Achieve mass production and partial assembly line operation. As one of the top 5 plastic injection molding machine enterprises in China issued by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF). We produce 7,000 machines per year, and have the world's most advanced processing equipment and machining workshops. 90% of the mechanical components including the basic structure are produced in-house, which absolutely guarantees faster delivery; strict quality inspection system includes three Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and MSA system to achieve closed-loop control of QA system, higher level of quality and service assurance.

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Business Philosophy

HX-HIGHSUN is one of the professional Plastic Injection Molding Machine manufacturers with 45years plus of experience.

Strong Production Capacity

As one of the top 5 plastic injection molding machine factories in China issued by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF). We produce 7000sets machines per year. HX-HIGHSUN has the world advanced hardware like 1million square feet of modern plant; equipped with advanced CNC machining and processing system(CNC utilization ratio: above 83%) . Achieve mass production and part of flow-line running.

Sales Capacity

Realized more than 100million US$ sales in 2018, constantly 5years was awarded “top 3” of comprehensive strength & development potential for IMM manufacturer by CPIMMA.

Extensive Machine Series

We produce and supply various of products, HXM(servo energy saving series, 98ton-3500ton)、HXF (double proportion fixed pump series:98ton-730ton)、HXW(variable pump energy saving series:98ton-730ton)、HXH(high-speed series: 160ton-520ton)、HXYD(hybrid high-performance series: 160ton-700ton)、SP(smart power series:100ton-300ton)、HXS(two color series, unmixed & mixed) and special PET series, PVC series, Bakelite series, etc.

Individual Solutions

Especially we always research and supply individual solutions according to customer’s demands, we make special customization included upgraded power system & hydraulic system and special design of screw & barrel to meet requirements like quicker cycle time and higher production efficiency. Successfully developed More professional solutions with high-performance for Painting Bucket, Chair and Crate,etc. are developed successfully.

Service Ability

To make a mark and boost the visibility of the HIGHSUN brand in overseas markets, we consistently adhere to the marketing conception of “Customer First, Service Fast”, concentrate on developing and expanding sales & service center. Till now, we have successfully established service center in: South-Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh. Turkey, Poland, Italy South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria, Tunis, Egypt Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina to extend and guarantee pre-sale, sale, after-sale service in overseas markets.


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Industry Knowledge Expansion

A PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) injection molding machine is a type of plastic injection molding machine specifically designed to produce PET preform and bottle products. PET is a thermoplastic polymer material that is commonly used to make containers, such as bottles and jars, for food, beverage, and other consumer goods.

PET injection molding machines work by first heating the PET resin into a molten state and then injecting it into a mold, where it cools and solidifies into the desired shape. The molding machine typically features a high-pressure injection system, which is necessary to ensure consistent and accurate filling of the mold, as well as an efficient cooling system to rapidly cool the molten PET.

PET injection molding machines are typically designed to meet the demands of high-volume production, offering fast cycle times, high precision, and efficient production capabilities. Additionally, the use of PET resin provides several benefits, such as high strength, transparency, and resistance to impact and heat, which make it an ideal material for a wide range of applications.

PET preform injection molding machines are specialized machines used to produce PET preforms, which are plastic containers that hold liquid or semi-liquid substances. Some of the key features of PET preform injection molding machines include:

High precision: They are designed to produce high-precision, uniform PET preforms with consistent wall thickness, weight, and dimensional accuracy.

Fast cycle times: PET preform injection molding machines have fast cycle times, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.

Efficient production: They are equipped with advanced control systems and efficient hydraulic systems, making them ideal for high-volume production.

User-friendly operation: PET preform injection molding machines feature an intuitive HMI, making it easy for operators to set up and monitor the molding process.

Customizable: They can be configured to meet specific requirements, such as the production of different sizes and shapes of preforms, and the use of different materials, such as recycled PET.

Energy-efficient: They are designed with energy-saving technologies, such as servo motor drives, to reduce energy consumption.

Low maintenance: PET preform injection molding machines have fewer components compared to hydraulic machines and use modern, reliable electric servo drives, reducing maintenance requirements.