Plastic Logistics

1. Plastic Logistics

Thanks to their versatility and durability, plastics are some of the most important materials in modern industry. Reusable plastic products have many significant advantages in comparison with both wood and cardboard products. They are the most hygienic and clean packaging solution. They can be lightweight enough to use as packaging from agriculture, food & beverage, through airlines, maritime and tourist companies, pharmaceuticals, textiles, e-commerce companies and the DIY market. they eliminate waste and the continual use of resources, and finally, they can save considerable storage space, time and money.
Any plastics supplier serving multiple industries needs to have a reliable, flexible logistics solution, whether transporting raw materials or manufactured parts.

Fruit frame

Plastic crates are an excellent alternative to cardboard boxes and wooden crates. They offer many advantages, making them a convenient, efficient and safe solution for packaging, shipping and delivery.

Crate dimensions
The crate’s dimensions are represented by the area of its base and its height.
You may choose from a wide range of sizes and dimensions, according to your packaging needs.
The most popular dimensions are:
600 X 400 mm – can be loaded on pallets of 1200 X 1000 mm and 1200 X 800 mm.
550 X 370 mm – can be loaded on pallets of 1100 X 1100 mm.

Highsun focuses on the core interests of customers, and develops injection molding Machines that are more suitable for crate , so as to minimize manpower expenditure, reduce equipment costs, ensure product quality and improve cycle time.
Highsun high performance solution for crate:
Machine model: HXM410-G. HXM470-G, HXM530-G
Crate weight: 1.5~2kg.
Cycle time can reach to 20~25s!
1.Bigger injeciton weight and stronger power system- Short cycle time!
2.High quality Bimetal screw&barrel desigh- more suitable for recycle material!
3.Automatic booster -automaticly push out crate/bastket from machine, no need robot, no need worker to take out by hand!
4. Whole set automatic solution help you to realize 1 worker to check several machines , lower labour cost!

Machine model

HXM410-G 380-225 basket 380*285*225 400*310*235  

360-80 basket

360*280*80 380*305*90

360-105 basket

360*280*105 380*305*115


430 thick basket

430*295*225 460*320*280

455-160 basket

455*315*160 505*345*165
Large misplaced basket 515*385*315 505*345*165
487 round eye basket 487*325*305 520*360*315
3 catties fruit basket 455*310*270 485*350*290


590*390*325 625*435*340
570*400*340 600*430*350
485*330*300 520*365*310



2. Tray

In large warehouses or when transporting goods, pallets are an indispensable tool for modern logistics and large-scale warehouses. While improving production efficiency, it also greatly reduces business costs.

As the requirements for production conditions, storage conditions, process control, and quality management continue to increase, wooden pallets have insurmountable limitations in hygienic and standardized production. Plastic pallets have emerged at the historic moment and quickly occupy a place. Because the superiority of plastic pallets is widely recognized by the owners, plastic pallets are the most promising pallet varieties.

International standards for pallets dimensions

The 1,200 X 800 mm pallets are mostly used in the European market.
The 1,100 X 1,100 mm pallets are mostly used in the Asian markets (the equivalent American dimensions are 43 X 43 inch).
Half pallet – 800 X 600 mm pallet, widely used by retail chains and for shipping high-value goods in small packages.
Quarter pallet – a 600 X 400 mm pallet, another option popular with retail chains and for shipping high-value goods in small packages.


HXM1300 800 X 600 mm pallet  


1,100 X 1,100mm

3. Garbage can

Raw Material:PP/ HDPE
Product Performance: environmentally friendly, with bright color and beautiful appearance, moisture-proof, anticorrosive, moth-proof, rust-proof, high temperature resistance and easy to clean.
Primary sites: Parks, schools, streets, residential areas, commercial plaza, tourist attractions, etc

The most popular model for reference:

120L HXM830 Environmental Health 550*490*930  
With Wheels



HXM1300 Environmental Health


With Wheels



HXM2500 Environmental Health


With Wheels


4.The machine advantages

1.High accuracy and stability for material storage

2.Quieter, more energy efficient

3.Special design for clamping unit, in order to have longer opening stroke, more suitable for deep cavity production.

4.Support customized solution. such as electrical plasticizing to decrease feeding time, synchronous ejector, feeding, mold opening etc kind of function design, improve production efficiency.