HXS400: HXS two-color injection molding machine


HXS400: HXS two-color injection molding machine

High quality features

The “new breakthrough” of the hydraulic injection molding machine has realized “pressure valve ring control” and “energy supply and demand matching”,professional shape future !

Pressure valve ring control: The actual pressure is compared with the set pressure in real time and corrected until the actual pressure is equal to the set pressure.

Matching energy supply and demand: How much energy does the injection molding machine do, how much energy the power system provides, and very little energy loss.

Product Details

HXS unmixed two color injection molding machines


1. With major and minor two injection components, it can inject synchronously or alternately through controlling two screw bars by the professional computer so as to get the plastic products with beautiful color.

2. Also can manufacture the sandwich plastic products, and the cost is reduced;

3. Can be widely used with PP, PE, PS and other raw materials in two color forming.



Technical Parameter Table A组A A组B A组C B组A B组B B组C
Injection Unit  Screw diameter mm 45 50 55 38 42 45
Screw L/D ratio L/D 22.2 20 18.2 23.1 20.9 19.5
Injection capacity in theory cm3 342 422 510 210 256 294
Injection weight(ps) g 311 384 465 190 233 268
oz 10.9 13.5 16.4 6.7 8.2 9.4
Injection pressure MPa 216 175 144 210 172 150
Injection rate g/s 150 185 225 97 118 135
Plasticizing capacity g/s 21 26 33 17 21 23
Screw speed rpm 190 240
Clamping Unit Clamping force KN 4000
Moving mould-plate stroke mm 620
Max.Mould height mm 650
Min.Mould height mm 250
Space between tie-bars(W×H) mm 1020×620
Hydraulic ejector force KN 53
Hydraulic ejector stroke mm 200
Ejector number n 53
Wheel diameter mm 100
Other Pump pressure MPa 16
Motor/Driving power KW 23 18.5
Heating capacity KW 13.35 10.95
Machine dimension m 7.3×2.24×2.50
Machine weight t 17
Oil tank capacity L 820


Highsun plastic injection molding machine
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