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Product introduction:


The plasticizing parts with optimized design can improve the plasticizing ability and injection precision of the machine significantly; Screw transmission adopts the spline to connect and the force is unliform when the screw rotates, The moving part is guided by linear guide rail to reduce friction during movement.


The clamping parts with optimized design has a mold-plate structure with a pressing center, which makes the clamping force act on the mold-plate directly and improves the forming accuracy of the product. And it has a larger moving mold-plate stroke as well as reduces the contact stress of the axis pin.


Newly designed lateral mechanical safety structure;The feet slip structure of moving mold-plate is newly designed with oblique-wedge.


Adopt high-precision controller system, provide performance more stable, higher repetition precision, stronger anti-interference and higher level of security protection. Also standard with fuction of energy consumption monitorning.


The movement curve of newly designed five-points double toggle structure shows that the movemen of movable mould-plate has advantages of being faster, more stable and better controllability. And also quicker cycle.


Hydraulic power system uses the motors with high response, high power density, low inertia and low noise to bring unique feeling of high performance and low noise to customers with improved screw pump.





Injection Unit   
Screw diameter mm 65
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24
Injection capacity in theory cm³ 962
Injection weight(PET) g 1115
Injection pressure Mpa 171
Injection velocity  g/s  413
Plasticizing capacity g/s  55
Screw speed rpm 160


Clamping Unit  
Clamping force kN 2000
Moving mould-plate stroke mm  540
Max.Mould height  mm  560
Min.Mould height mm  200
Space between tie-bars  mm  530×530
Hydraulic ejector force kN 99
Hydraulic ejector stroke mm 150
Ejector number n 9


Pump pressure   Mpa 17.5
Driving power  kW 37
Heating capacity  kW 23
Machine dimension  m 5.39×1.34×2.13
Machine weight    t 7.6
Oil tank capacity    L 280



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