Why does the injection molding machine fail to open the mold?

First: Improper adjustment of the mechanical origin of the mold clamping when the injection molding machine leaves the factory. Too far forward, causing the mechanism to be stuck. If the mold cannot be opened often, you must doubt this aspect and ask the manufacturer to adjust it.
Second: still the institution is stuck. For older machines, this is not the first case. Doubt it. In general, the clamping force adjustment is too large, such as adjusting to 1700 kg, and other habits are not good. For example, if the mold is not opened for a long time, the system degeneration and other habits are not good. In the final analysis, this problem is a technician's tuning habits, parameters. The solution is very troublesome, remove or loosen the fixing nut on the cross bar
Third: The oil seal of the mold-clamping cylinder is damaged and leaks, causing the actual mold opening pressure not to go up. For this reason, looking at the pressure gauge is useless, and the cylinder must be disassembled for inspection.
Fourth: The valve core of the mold opening solenoid valve moves badly, or is stuck, and the valve core is not in place. The solution is to check the solenoid valve.
Fifth: see if the parameter design is appropriate and whether the pressure is not enough.
Sixth: There may be problems with the lubrication of the clamping system. Check maintenance.
The inability to open the mold is a relatively annoying problem in production. It is not often issued, but it takes a long time to process it once.


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