What measures are needed to reuse the vertical injection molding machine after being out of service for a long time?


When the vertical injection molding machine is out of s […]

When the vertical injection molding machine is out of service for a long time, some protective measures are needed to re-use it. Its function is to prevent rust and aging of the equipment.

One: washing machine
For the raw material powder, oil stains, water stains and dust of the washing machine. After some cleaning, a layer of protective oil is required to prevent rust and guarantee.

Two: hydraulic oil
The hydraulic oil needs to be replaced in time when it is used in the first year. Disable long-term inspections in two aspects. One is to check whether the quality of hydraulic oil meets the specification range. The second is that the hydraulic oil was found to be degraded, and the oil tank was replaced and cleaned.

Three: Cooling system treatment
The cooling system processing is aimed at three aspects of cleaning, the cooler, the cooling ring, and the cooling tower.

Four: Inspection machine mechanical structure
Check the mechanical structure of the machine, which requires the tightness of screws and nuts. The balance of the template is also checked.

Five: Road system processing
The inspection of the circuit system processing lies in four aspects, one is whether the connection points and fixed sockets are loose. The second is the complete state of each electrical appliance label. The third is whether the electrical appliances are aging. Fourth, there are oil stains, water stains, and dust. Use volatile cleaners to clean them.


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