What are the requirements of the injection mold when designing the cavity arrangement?


The design of injection molded parts generally requires […]

The design of injection molded parts generally requires the design of the number and arrangement of mold cavities. The design of the mold cavity cannot simply apply the dimensional tolerance of the mechanical parts. The dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts will be affected by many factors such as the structure of the plastic parts, the plastic material and the shrinkage rate of the plastic parts during production. Therefore, the injection mold cavity The ranking must follow certain principles in order to meet the requirements of mold manufacturing.


The general requirements of the cavity of the injection mold are as follows:

1. The flow channel is as short as possible: to prevent the pouring material of the pouring system, it can also save the manufacturing cost of steel materials and molds, and improve the pass rate of injection products.
2. Pressure balance: Make the combined force of the injection mold during injection and the clamping force of the injection molding machine on the same straight line, to avoid the uneven molecular orientation caused by unbalanced flow, causing inconsistent shrinkage.
3. Temperature equilibrium: Make the temperature of the injection mold cavity roughly equal, and ensure that the shrinkage of the plastic parts of each cavity is equal.
4. Feeding balance: For a mold with multiple cavities, the same plastic part should be fed from the same position to ensure the interchangeability of the plastic parts; the size and length of the runner and gate should be compatible with the size of the plastic parts, try to Ensure that each cavity is fed at the same time and fill each cavity at the same time.

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