What are the precautions for maintenance of the injection molding machine?


Main points of daily maintenance of injection molding m […]

Main points of daily maintenance of injection molding machine
(1) Inspection before driving.
A. Check whether the safety device is effective and reliable (when the safety door is opened, the safety device works)
B. Check whether the safety cover of each part is correct.
C. Check whether the emergency stop switch is normal and sensitive.
D. Check whether the power supply is leaking and the wires are intact.
E. Check whether the electric heating ring is loose and whether the connection is connected (the electric heating ring may be in bad contact due to heating and expansion during use)
F. Check whether the lubrication status of each lubrication part is good, and add lubricating oil appropriately in time.
G. Check the level of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, and it should be above the scale line of the oil level indicator.
H. Check and tighten the mold connecting bolts.
I. Check whether the thermocouple plug is in good contact with the end of the measuring hole of the barrel. If the contact is found to be poor, tighten it at any time.
2) Maintenance during operation
A. Check whether the hydraulic oil pipe is leaking.
B. Is there any unusual phenomenon in high-speed moving parts such as motors, oil pumps, and bearings?
C. During the entire cycle of the injection molding machine, is there any abnormal impact sound?
D. During operation, if you smell an abnormal smell, stop the machine immediately, carefully check whether there is a problem with the related accessories, and restart the device after troubleshooting.
Note: The electric heating ring, the resin of the plastic melt tube, etc., are scorched due to high temperature, and will have a special smell. The motor will also have a burning smell due to overload or blocked vents.
E. Always pay attention to the molded products. If there are defects, they should be improved and eliminated as soon as possible.
F. Always pay attention to whether mechanical fasteners, heating coils, thermocouples, etc. are loose.
G. When it is found that the suction oil filter is blocked, the oil filter failure display will appear on the screen, and the equipment should be stopped immediately for inspection. The oil suction filter should be replaced or cleaned by a maintenance worker.
(3) Stop work
A. After the production is over, do the required shutdown work.
B. Clean the equipment, clean up all the site, and keep the machine and the surrounding environment clean and tidy.
C. For equipment that has been down for more than one week, its processing surface shall be coated with oil to prevent rust.
(4) Weekly maintenance points
A. Including daily maintenance points.
B. Check whether the screws of each travel switch are loose.
C. Check whether the thermocouple contact is normal.
D. Measure the contact resistance of the ground wire.


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