What are the characteristics of horizontal injection molding machine and angle injection molding machine?


Horizontal injection molding machine 1. Even if the mai […]

Horizontal injection molding machine
1. Even if the mainframe is low, there is no height limit for the plant.
2. When the product can fall automatically, it can be automatically formed without using a manipulator.
3. Due to the low body, it is easy to feed and easy to repair.
4. The mold needs to be installed by crane.
5. With multiple units arranged in parallel, the molded products can be easily collected and packed by the conveyor belt.

Angle injection molding machine
The axis of the injection screw of the angle injection molding machine and the movement axis of the mold clamping mechanism template are arranged perpendicular to each other, and its advantages and disadvantages are between the vertical and horizontal types. Because the injection direction is on the same plane as the mold parting surface, the angle injection molding machine is suitable for asymmetric geometry molds with side gates or products with no gate marks in the molding center.



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