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Warmly welcome China Plastic Machinery Industry Association President Su Dongping,

Secretary General Chen Dongdong, Director Li Wenhui and other lines to visit our company!

Highsun realizes intelligent upgrading in excellence, relies on the personalized layout and exploration of CRM and MES systems,

creates green factories and digital factories, and strives to explore the application scenarios of AI in plastic machines when hardware

costs are slowly converging, and constantly promotes the implementation of ecological products.

Haighsun is willing to take risks to cultivate user habits, and strive to achieve one machine in hand and all services;

The molding machine will become an intelligent terminal.

Driven by the new quality of productivity, we must continue to forge ahead at a new starting point,

continue to innovate, adapt to the changes and development of The Times,

in order to maintain competitiveness and vitality.


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