Variable Pump Injection Molding Machine for High Precision and High Volume Production


SK Series Variable Pump Injection Molding Machine has b […]

SK Series Variable Pump Injection Molding Machine has been widely used in the injection molding industry for molding a large number of thermoplastics with high consistency. The machine has good power, high speed, high strength, and rigid clamping system, which assure long-term durability. This machine can also work with plastics having high compressive strength up to 700 pounds per square inch. The machine features a universal voltage, AC or DC, water pump, clutch or chain drive, manual speed or variable speed controls, stainless steel feed slide, brass insert, high limit thermostatic mixing valve, dry ice cooling feed slide, wet mix flash ice button, dry ice cooling feed slide, gas cooling bleed off and much more. Some models come with reversible cooling fan.

For lubrication and deformation control, the variable pump injection molding machine uses two types of motor: dry-sump and wet-sump. The dry-sump motor is designed to run only when the machine is switched off. It is usually placed above the injection mold, but it can be placed in any position near the work area to provide support for the machine during operation. The dry-sump motor is fitted with either oil-lubed or grease-lubed rotary brushes. A variable pressure control is also available on some machines.

Another important type of variable pump injection molding machine is the proportional variable pump. This kind of machine operates using two sets of pump actuators. One set of actuators functions as control engine while another one is used as an output shaft. The output shaft is connected to the machine. In proportional variable pump, both sets of actuators are used as controls, and a constant hydraulic pressure is provided to both sets of actuators.

Another important variable pump injection molding machine is the variable speed control machine. It has variable speed drive systems. There is an output shaft with variable speed drive system and it is operated by a variable-speed electric motor. The shaft is controlled by a variable-speed electric motor, which controls the speed of the motor to match the variable pump motor's speed.

The variable pump injection molding machine is used for various applications, including plastic injection molding, metalworking applications, woodworking applications, die casting, aerospace and medical products manufacturing, chemical process development, and many more. Due to its multiple benefits, this machine is being used for varied processes all over the world. It helps in accomplishing the desired output in the shortest time. It is a cost-effective solution for the desired applications.

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