The efficiency of an injection molding machine is enhanced by a variable pump

Injection molding is a widely applied manufacturing process. Many factories use injection molding to shape plastic products. The efficiency of an injection molding machine is enhanced by a variable pump. This type of pump is capable of providing high-pressure injection. Unlike the traditional high-powered pumps, the variable displacement pump offers 20% to 60% power saving.

Variable displacement pumps can be set to operate in either positive or negative pressure, allowing the machine to run at any desired pressure or operation. They can be used to increase the performance of an injection molding machine while reducing its overall power consumption.

Full-electric IMMs have an advantage over servo-driven pumps. The two-way cartridge-inserted valve system improves the flow of the fluid, which is more consistent and reliable. Additionally, they allow for parallel movements. Most servo-driven pump machines do not feature this option.

Servo-driven internal gear pumps require a more complex controller design. On the other hand, their low power utilization rate allows for a shorter response time. Another factor to look for in a servo-driven pump is its cold-start function. Usually, a cold-start function ensures that the screw will not break when the pump motor is turned on.

Depending on the type of machine, the oil circuit of a variable pump is not as efficient as a standard model. While the cost of a variable pump is higher than a standard pump, the maintenance costs are also higher. Compared with an oil circuit that is clean, the variable pump's oil circuit has poor anti-fouling performance. Also, if the water valves are opened, the pressure will fluctuate. Therefore, the best way to achieve the best control is to install a pressure sensor.


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