The development prospects of the plastic machinery industry

With the rapid development of the world economy, my country's plastic machinery industry has not only achieved the world's number one in product output for 9 consecutive years, but also the plastic machinery industry has greatly improved in terms of scientific and technological level and industrial level. At present, my country's plastic machinery industry has developed into an equipment industry with complete categories, complete systems, strong product supporting capabilities, and considerable international competitiveness. It has become a veritable plastic machinery manufacturing and exporting country, and it plays a decisive role in the world's plastic machinery industry. The role of. China's plastic machinery started in the late 1950s. With the development of China's petrochemical industry, China's plastic machinery industry has gradually formed an independent industrial sector and has begun to take shape. The plastic machinery industry is closely linked to strategic emerging industries. The plastic machinery industry is an important part of the advanced manufacturing industry. With the advancement of science and technology, while enterprises above designated size in the plastic machinery industry are widely adopting advanced manufacturing technologies and advanced applicable equipment, the plastic machinery industry also generally implements modern management methods and advanced manufacturing production. The model has resulted in major changes in traditional industries and achieved good economic and social benefits. The development of the plastic machinery industry has a good foundation and advantageous conditions. After more than 50 years of development, the scientific and technological strength, internationalization and marketization of my country's plastic machinery industry have been significantly improved, and the production and manufacturing capabilities have been continuously enhanced. It has become the world's largest plastic machinery manufacturing country in terms of output. Especially after the baptism of the international financial crisis, the international competitiveness and anti-risk capabilities of the entire industry are increasing, and the ability for sustainable development is accelerating. With the recovery of the world economy and the adjustment of my country's industrial structure, my country's plastic machinery industry is bound to do a lot in the new round of development and become an important economic growth point.


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