Precautions for maintenance of injection molding machine (1)

Maintenance workers must first understand and master the contents of the operating instructions of the injection molding machine, be familiar with and master the mechanical parts, circuits and oil circuits of the injection molding machine, understand the working process of the machinery, circuits and oil circuits of the injection molding machine during normal operation, understand and Master the inspection and maintenance of electrical and hydraulic components. Be aware of normal and abnormal working conditions to avoid time-consuming misjudgments and disassembly.

Maintenance work must understand the operation of the equipment and some basic knowledge of injection molding, and will use the injection molding machine correctly. If you do not know how to operate the injection molding machine, the maintenance work is very difficult, and the failure may not be reliable. The circuit board and electrical components in the injection molding machine are affected by high temperature, environment, time and other factors for a long time. The shift of the device operating point and the aging degree of the components are all within the normal range. Therefore, debugging the injection molding machine is also one of the essential basic skills in maintenance work. It is very important to understand the working procedure of the injection molding machine and debug the electronic circuit and hydraulic oil circuit of the injection molding machine.


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