Know More About A Variable Pump Injection Moulding Machine


The working principle between fixed displacement pump a […]

The working principle between fixed displacement pump and variable pump machine. In the operation of fixed injection molding machines, the rate of rotation of every section is totally different, but in the operation of variable pump machine, the output of fixed pump is uniform, according to the law: P=q. The term "P" stands for "pressure" and "q" stands for "queer." For the operation of the fixed-displacement machine, it is assumed that the flow of fluid is constant. As soon as the operating conditions change, such as when the flow is linearly or circular and a change occurs in the amount of fluid being pumped, the pressure changes and thus the volume of the displacement pump varies.

Variable displacement pump system machines are used to manufacture parts with high precision. They operate both on the positive and negative pressure. They can be set for any desired operation, either axial or radial. To execute the fluid motion as desired, the working fluid is passed through the block or injector. Depending on the design and the application, variable pump injection molding machine has the following features:

A variable-pump system delivers high precision and higher performance than the conventional closed loop pump. The main advantage is that it eliminates the need for a complete check up when changing or adjusting the pumping pressure. This results in the simplified and cost effective designing and testing of all parts of the product. With the help of a computer, all the measurements can be recorded. It is possible to easily transfer the data to a spreadsheet for further analysis and design development.

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