Where does the noise of the injection molding machine come from?

The injection molding machine is an important machine for producing plastic molds, which provides great convenience for the use of plastics in our lives. During the use of the injection molding machine, there are often noises. Where do these noises come from?

Generally, when the injection molding machine is used normally, there will be some noises. These noises can be used to judge that the operation of the machine is very normal, because some noises appear under normal conditions, and some noises are caused by faults. When the injection molding oil pump produces abnormal noise and vibration, it is usually possible from many aspects, for example, the installation of the oil pump motor is not concentric, the coupling of the oil pump is loose, the oil level is too low, etc., which will cause the oil pump to appear. cause of noise. At this time, the cause should be identified through inspection, and then a reasonable response can be taken to solve the problem. If the injection molding machine encounters a lot of noise from the motor during operation, it may be caused by damage to the motor bearing, so it is necessary to replace the connecting bearing. The noise of the injection molding machine may also have other sources, such as the total pressure valve, pipeline, hydraulic cylinder may be the source of the noise.

When encountering noise from the injection molding machine, it is necessary to check and find out the source of the noise before carrying out targeted maintenance work.


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