What are the characteristics of the two-color injection molding machine?

A Two-Color Injection Molding Machine is a special type of molding machine that features a dual set of plasticizing injection devices. The two injection devices have identical structure and functions, and each is designed to insert two plastic materials into a single mold cavity. Two-Color Injection Molding machines are widely used in the plastic industry and can produce various plastic products with different color mixing effects. To choose the right two-color machine, you must first understand the various characteristics of this type of machine.

The main features of this machine include high quality, ease of operation, and short molding cycle. It also saves production time by up to 60%. In addition, two-Color Injection Molding Machines have several advantages for a variety of industries. The two-color process is most suitable for the production of dial wheel handle, keys, and auto air conditioning. The two-color machine has multiple stages pressure control, liftout position control, and safety protection functions.

A Two-Color Injection Molding Machine has two independent screw and barrel sets. The two injection units can carry out the same action, enabling the production of multi-material series and value-added products. A special design prevents the Rotation platen from drooping after the mold is installed. Precision hole placement is also provided to make the mold position accurate. The Rotation platen is supported by two sets of hydraulic core pulling devices and is equipped with a hydraulic, air, and electrical circuit.


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