What are the benefits of a hybrid injection molding machine?

The HXYD hybrid injection molding machine is a revolutionary solution for the packing, household wares, and medical suppliers industries. Developed on the foundation of the fully-electric machine, the hybrid injection molding machine combines a high-speed clamping unit with an electrical injection unit. As an energy-saving product, it is designed to increase performance and efficiency. It offers the flexibility to fit any production needs.

The main advantages of hybrid injection molding machines are precision and repeatability, reduced energy consumption, and reduced noise. In addition to these benefits, hybrid injection molding machines are perfect for parts made of thin-walled materials. They have also grown in popularity over the past few years. Just four decades ago, molders would only ask for an electric screw drive to speed up their cycle. Energy efficiency wasn't a priority at the time, but the benefits of a hybrid machine are undeniable today.

A vertical hybrid injection molding machine is the best choice for a wide range of applications, including overmolding and insert molding. These machines are equipped with auxiliary hydraulic cylinders to reduce the load on the toggle during clamping. In addition, they feature a toggle automatic centralized lubrication system that extends the toggle's life and reduces the burden placed on it. Besides, this type of machine has dual cylinders to achieve high-pressure injection and high-speed injection. Additionally, the high-response valve improves the overall injection process.


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