What are the advantages of the high speed injection molding machine?

High speed injection molding machines have various advantages over conventional machines. They are designed for high speed production and have improved lubrication systems and design. These machines are available in different capacities and can be customized according to the needs of the customer. They are suitable for both standard and high-end applications. They can be fitted with a servo motor feeding system, which helps to shorten molding time by up to 40%.

The injection speed is determined by a number of factors, including the material and geometry. It is important to choose the smallest channel possible through which the melt can flow. The plastic temperature in the cavity must be within the optimum range. An overly fast speed can result in a frosty or rippled surface. In addition to speed, other factors must be taken into account, such as the mass temperature of the material.

The high speed injection molding machine can be used to produce thin-walled containers. It is capable of producing plastic bottles and other items with a high degree of precision and speed. Some machines even have a robotic system to make the work easier and increase production efficiency. The cycle time of a high-speed machine can reach 6 seconds when in a stable state.

High speed injection molding machines can reduce costs and improve the working environment. They are also able to save 60-70% of power compared to ordinary injection molding machines. This significantly reduces the amount of power consumed. It also greatly reduces the need for frequent replacement of hydraulic oil. The power consumption of high-speed injection molding machines is low, which can reduce the cost of production by sixty-seven percent.

Another major advantage of high speed injection molding is that it is eco-friendly. Compared to the standard pumps used in ordinary injection molding machines, high-speed injection machines adopt a hybrid oil pump and servo motor to reduce pollution. The servo system can also prevent oil temperature from being too high, and can reduce the frequency of hydraulic oil replacement.

Another benefit of high-speed injection molding machines is their ability to produce high-quality plastic products faster. The high-speed injection of the resin increases the efficiency of the process, and it can improve the quality of the plastic product. However, this can lead to issues such as frictional heat, poor exhaust and gas inhalation. In addition, the requirements of the program control are higher.

The relative thickness of the core layer depends on the injection speed. At high speeds, the core region is more dense and thicker than the outer layer. A higher injection speed also causes more pseudoplasticity and a flatter velocity profile. At low speeds, the core region is thinner. Consequently, it is easier to make thinner parts with high speed injection machines.


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