What are the advantages of high-speed injection molding machines?

If you need to produce various kinds of plastic components, a high-speed injection molding machine will be a good choice for your production line. High-speed machines have several advantages, including an extended service life, increased speed, and improved lubrication. Designed for high-end and standard applications, they also come with a European-standard connector for robots. The machines are also designed to meet the special requirements of different industries, such as the packaging industry.

High-speed injection molding machines are equipped with an optimized clamping mechanism that makes it stable and fast. Injection times are shortened by up to 40 percent with the help of a servo motor. Injection pressure is chosen by considering the part's design and dimensional stability. Higher injection pressure increases the weld line and reduces sink marks. When selecting the injection pressure, it is important to consider the part design and corresponding backpressure.

Electric machines are the most accurate and repeatable type of machines. They use servo motors to control the speed and temperature. This means fewer parts, less capital investment, and lower operating costs. Electric injection molding machines are also more environmentally friendly, as they do not contain any oil, making them ideal for the medical and food packaging industries. You also save a lot of money on maintenance costs and energy consumption. They are also easier to operate and have a longer life span.


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