The main reason why the injection molding machine cannot adjust the mold

1. Deviation of mechanical equipment level and coaxiality. Check with a square ruler. Adjust the coaxiality and level.
2. Burning nuts: check if the nuts can be rotated to get hot iron powder. Remove the nut.
3. Adjust the upper and lower support plates. Check the lock nut for disassembly of the support plate. Adjust the adjusting nut.
4. The mold adjustment valve is stuck. Remove the valve and check. Clean the valve.
5. The mold adjustment motor is broken: check the oil motor. Disassemble or repair the oil motor.
6. The gap between the pressure plate and the mold adjusting wire is too small. Accurately measure with feeler gauge. Adjust the gap between the pressure plate and the nut, adjust the gap between the mold nut and the pressure plate (gap ≤0.05 mm).
7. The I / O board is broken. Check whether the output point has data signal on the page on the computer, and repair the electronic board.


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