How to do the maintenance work of the vertical injection molding machine?

Since my country’s industry started relatively late, there is still a big gap between the machinery manufacturing industry and developed countries. In many industries, domestic products have reached world-class levels, or in some areas, they are still ahead of the world. Advanced level, but why is there such a big gap in the unique machinery manufacturing industry.

This is mainly because domestic enterprises have not yet mastered the core technology of machinery. For example, in the mechanical injection molding machine industry, because they cannot always master the injection molding machine system, they cannot manufacture the most advanced machinery. Some people may ask why injection molding machines Inside, the core technology is the system, not any other components. This is what the industry decides. If there is no system control, basically all companies can manufacture it.

There is a cloud servo system in the injection molding machine, which is mainly used for energy saving. Because the traditional injection molding machine in the past consumes energy very fast, and the waste is serious, in order to change this situation, it is installed in the vertical injection molding machine. This bowling cloud division servo system comes to save and save energy to reduce the production cost of enterprises.

In the horizontal injection molding machine industry, only by mastering the most core manufacturing technology can we produce more advanced products, thereby forming our own brand and occupying an important position among global competitors.


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