A high speed injection molding machine is designed for making products with thin walls

A high speed injection molding machine is designed for making products with thin walls. These products range from disposable cutlery to airline cups. They can also be used to create ice cream boxes. They are equipped with servo motors and variable pump control systems. The servo motor and pump control system can help reduce energy consumption and ensure that the machine's productivity remains high. Moreover, it features a low friction molding platen.

The injection speed has a major impact on the final quality of the part. Increasing the injection speed can lead to improved surface quality, strong molecular orientation, and strong joint lines. It can also help reduce stress peaks and notch formation. However, it's important to consider other factors in order to choose the right speed for your part.

High-speed injection molding machines are more environment-friendly than ordinary injection machines. This is because the standard pump used in ordinary machines emits pollution. High-speed machines utilize a hybrid oil pump and servo motors, which reduce pollution and increase efficiency. The servo hydraulic system also prevents excessive temperatures and reduces the frequency of hydraulic oil replacement.

High-speed injection molding machines also have improved power efficiency. The power consumption of a high-speed machine is about 60% less than a conventional machine. This means lower costs for you. The high-speed injection molding machine can save 60-70% of energy. So, if you are worried about saving energy, consider a high-speed machine.

A high-speed injection molding machine has three axis linkages that allow it to perform multiple tasks in a short period of time. Three of these loops control the molding process, which includes mold locking, ejection, and gap time. An ordinary injection molding machine takes 10 seconds to complete this process, while the high-speed machine takes six seconds.


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