HIGHSUN MACHINERY was a complete success at Chinaplas 2023

HIGHSUN machinery has exhibition the HXS 280(double color injection molding machine) and HXYD 160(oil-electric composite injection molding machine) at the Chinaplas 2023, and achieved a complete success. These machines have high-efficiency, high-quality and low price production solutions, which can help customers achieve success.

Our HXS 280 double color not only can use two materials (ABS and TPE) to produce remote control, but also can produce a variety of products such as medical equipment, auto parts and household appliances. The machine is suitable for producing multi-cavities and multi-color products in one mould, because of its advantages of high rigidity, high speed of injection and high precision. But if you want to produce high quality plastic products, such as medical supplies and high-end electronic precision parts, we think the HXYD hybrid is more appropriate. Because it not only has the advantages of high-efficiency and stable, low-energy and low-noise, but also can adapt to different production needs. Besides, We also can provide different models of injection molding machine to meet the different production needs of the customers, such as high-speed injection molding machine of thin-wall boxes, PVC injection molding machine of pipe fitting and so on.

In addition to providing a variety of models of injection molding machine, HIGHSUN is also committed to providing complete production solutions, including customized production line design, equipment debugging and maintenance services. We believe that only we can provide high quality machines and service for our customers, then we can realize common success. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen technological innovation and the improvement of production capacity, constantly launch new competitive products and improve after-sales services to meet customers' requirements for quality and efficiency. In HIGHSUN MACHINERY, the success of customers is our biggest success. We hope to cooperate with more  customers to create a better future.


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