Electrical safety protection device

The front and back doors of the injection molding machine are equipped with limit switches for protection. At the beginning of injection molding, the front and rear safety doors must be closed first. Generally, the rear safety door is closed for a long time, and the front safety door is equipped with two limit switches to interlock. Only when the rear safety door is closed, the front limit switch of the front safety door is pressed on, and the rear limit switch of the front safety door is released, the injection molding can start. There should be injection molding workers and specialists for inspection and maintenance on a daily basis, and mechanics for regular safety inspections and maintenance. The main points of maintenance are as follows:

1) Whether the pulleys of the front and rear safety doors are normal, whether they are off the track, whether the pulleys are falling, etc.
2) Whether the front and rear safety door pulleys are flexible, whether the spacing is reasonable, and whether the bearings are intact.
3) Whether the safety door frame is cracked, welded, peeled off, or damaged.

4) Check whether the safety door bracket is firm, whether the screws are loose, whether the guard frame is damaged, etc.
5) Whether the safety limit switch is reliable, whether there is any fault such as loosening, disconnection, short circuit or open circuit. When replacing the limit switch, pay special attention to the different wiring methods of the front and rear limit switches of the safety door. The front limit is pressed to contact, and the rear limit is released to connect. Only after the safety door is reliably closed can injection work be performed.


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