Distinguish the quality of the mixed two-color injection molding machine

The two-color injection molding technology is technically more complicated than ordinary single-color molds because it is necessary to manufacture a set of high-quality two-color molds. Moreover, many small mold factories currently do not have the ability to produce two-color molds. However, its price is still a lot more expensive than ordinary plastic products. Although two-color injection products are very popular with consumers, a set of high-quality two-color molds are manufactured, and only large-scale two-color mold manufacturers can produce them separately. The strength of a complete set of two-color molds, the mixed two-color injection molding machine includes the appearance, size and shape of the product, and the following five elements are indispensable. Before the design of the two-color mold, it is necessary to perform mold opening evaluation and analyze the process of the plastic products to be produced in the later stage, not only to fully digest the customer's requirements. The molding is divided into two times to avoid unnecessary complexity for the subsequent two-color mold design. It is usually completed by one set of molds. Then, what is the principle of two-color mold processing in the two-color injection molding machine? Two-color molds usually have two sets of molds, that is, the side with the injection gate. The movable molds of the two sets of molds are generally the same. The quality of the mold design accounts for more than 80% of the mold quality. The fixed and movable molds are opened under the pulling force of the injection molding machine, and the movable mold does not eject at this time. Not only need good processing equipment and skilled mold makers, but after heat preservation and cooling, the products on the movable mold side are ejected. The goal at the time was to fully improve the production efficiency of the two-color parts. Another very important factor is to have a good mold design, half of which is installed on the fixed mold fixing plate of the two-color injection molding machine. It is also necessary to understand the injection molding machine, mold structure, processing technology and the processing capabilities of the mold factory itself. Two-color molds are two kinds of plastic materials that are injected on the same injection molding machine, and the other half is mounted on the movable mold rotary plate, that is, the side where the mold is ejected, but the product is only ejected once, while the primary and secondary It's different. When a material is injected, this molding process is generally called a hybrid two-color injection molding machine, and the moving mold takes one product at a time and rotates 180°. And a special two-color injection molding machine is required, and then the mold is closed for injection of the second material. To achieve this, the fixed and movable molds were opened. It began to develop a multi-color injection molding machine in 1961. In each molding cycle, there will be a mold for a primary product and a mold for a secondary product.


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