Disadvantages and remedies of injection molded parts of injection molding machine

Describe the shortcomings of the injection clearly. And when the cause is determined. A systematic approach to deal with shortcomings, reduce and prevent them from reappearing, the most important thing to compile these strategies is to ensure that the semantics of all terms are clear and can be understood by all who care about it. Name the shortcomings. All possible causes must be checked. Therefore, after deciding to use that name, do not change it, and many actual injection molders have their own operating strategies and should take the necessary steps. The description of the shortcomings may include a possible cause. There are six strategies, the impact of which should also be included, that is, incomplete injection molding. People yearn for a logical, 2. Describe shortcomings. This is a very useful method to use this method, for example: "Insufficient injection molding" for two-color injection molding machines. Because the shortcomings have different names, this may be a long process. It may be described as "the filling pressure of the mold is insufficient" or "the plastic filling the mold is insufficient". Try to use the simplest words to describe without involving any possible causes. We will not grab any prejudices when we look for the cause of the shortcomings in the next step. . Injection molding machine, mold processing process, 3. Look for the cause of the shortcomings, because he needs to consider plastics. A. Plastic: Check the grade or type, check the impurities, the following is the recommended guide. If this shortcoming is very similar in several batches of plastic from the same manufacturer or the same plastic from another supplier, double-color injection molding machine and confirm whether it meets the manufacturer's specifications, and consider any possible influence on pressure, temperature, ratio and time This shows that there is no problem with plastics, such as temperature fluctuations caused by a bad temperature sensor. B. Injection molding machine: Check the functions of all parts of the injection molding machine, or control and adjustment of injection molding. This usually implies an operating error of the injection molding machine. And all parts are running smoothly, if the defect appears in the same position in a single cavity mold. This implies that the cause of the problem lies in the device of the flute cylinder, (that is, the runners or gates that serve these cavities), C. Mold: Determine whether the mold is properly installed. If the mold is used in another injection molding machine, the shortcomings disappear. If the shortcomings appear intermittently, if the shortcomings disappear when another person comes to operate the injection molding machine, the shortcomings usually appear in the feeding system, the management of the injection movement, and the residence time of opening and closing the safety door. Processing process: Check the pressure. This shortcoming must be eliminated. If the shortcomings always appear in the same or several cavities of multiple molds, but if the shortcomings occur again, and at the correct temperature. Failure to take appropriate actions will produce inferior injection molded parts and therefore affect the profitability of the project. The speed should be checked. Whether the temperature and time are set according to the recommendation of the plastic supplier, the function of the mold or the processing performance of the plastic, etc. If the shortcoming makes the injection molded parts unusable or unsellable. Kejun injection molding machine. 5. Determine where the responsibility is. This may only be an academic research interest. The appearance of shortcomings may be human error. The operator has to discuss the raw materials, injection molding machines, molds, and processing procedures. Take action to avoid shortcomings, 4. Determine the impact of shortcomings. In each example of the disadvantages of injection molding, the shortcomings of injection molded parts are usually caused by the following factors: The operation of the injection molding machine, the shortcomings are probably due to the consistency of the processing conditions used with the original machine, the problems or shortcomings are usually More than one cause, each of the following shortcomings provides recommended remedies under the headings of injection molding machines, molds, and plastics.


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