Classification of injection molding machine

What types of injection molding machines can be divided? The following is a brief introduction to the classification of injection molding machines according to plasticization and mold clamping methods

(1) Classification by plasticizing method
1. Plunger type plastic injection molding machine
Its mixing property is very poor, and its plasticity is not good, so it is necessary to install a diverter shuttle device. Has been rarely used.
2. Reciprocating screw plastic injection molding machine;
Relying on the screw for plasticization and injection, the mixing and plasticizing properties are very good and the most used.
3. Screw-plunger type plastic injection molding machine depends on the screw for plasticization and the plunger for injection, the two processes are separated.
(2) Classification by mold clamping method
1. Mechanical
2. Hydraulic type
3. Hydraulic-mechanical


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