Causes of failure of hydraulic system of precision injection molding machine


1. Reason analysis of hydraulic system failure of preci […]

1. Reason analysis of hydraulic system failure of precision injection molding machine:
1) The vast majority of hydraulic system failures are caused by hydraulic oil. Among the hydraulic components, the oil pump is sensitive to the performance of the hydraulic oil. Because of the high movement speed of the parts in the pump, the working pressure is also high, and the pressure time is long, and the temperature rises.
2) The working oil temperature of the hydraulic oil should be around 45°C, not more than 55°C. If the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil will decrease and it will be easy to oxidize and change color to produce sludge.
3) The hydraulic components are all sealed by gaps, so the oil must be clean.
4) The amount of hydraulic oil should be sufficient, if it is insufficient, it is easy to suck in air bubbles and cause cavitation.

2. Analysis of the cause of high noise from the oil pump of the hydraulic system of the precision injection molding machine:
1) The filter is blocked.
2) The hydraulic oil is emulsified and deteriorated.
3). The inside of the oil pump is worn or sucked in air.
4) The coupling of the motor and the oil pump is damaged.
5) The motor shaft and the oil pump shaft are not concentric.

3. The performance of the hydraulic system of a precision injection molding machine mainly depends on the performance of the pressure, flow, and direction of the three major valves that make up the hydraulic system.

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