Basic knowledge about Double Color Injection Molding Machine


Two-Color Injection Moulding Machine is used for variou […]

Two-Color Injection Moulding Machine is used for various processes that includes stamping, embossing, engraving, bonding, foam cutting, die casting, etc. If you are planning to purchase a Two-Color Injection Molding Machine for your business, it is important to consider some of the important factors that will help you get the best product at the most affordable prices.

One of the most popular models by the Two-Color Injection Moulding Machine manufacturers is the Metro Plastic Injection Molding Machine. This machine is offered with a capacity of producing both plastic bottles and cases. The machine has a feed tray where the melted plastic is loaded into the cavities located on its feed tube. The cavity is equipped with the tool for temperature adjustment, lift and cut gears and ball bearings that make the process easier and quicker.

Another model that is commonly used by the two-color injection molding process manufacturers is the Hot-shape Injection Molding Machine. The plastic mold is melted at a high temperature and injected into cavities that are precisely pre-designed by the manufacturer. The cavities are manufactured as per the requirements of different types of products. For instance, hot-shape cavities are required for manufacturing plastic bottles and cases of soft drink. In case you want to manufacture clear bottles, then clear cavities are also manufactured.

Generally, the molds are provided by the manufacturers with instructions on how to operate them. To ensure proper functioning of the two-color injection molding machine, pay attention to the following details. The first thing to do is to ensure that the two molds are leveled at the same level. Next, pay attention to the length of the cavity's top stick. The longer the top stick is, the deeper the imprint will be. Lastly, pay attention to the depth of the sides of the cavities, as well as to the distance from the two sides.

While purchasing two shot injection molding machines, pay attention to the amount of plastic materials that can be incorporated in the mold. If the manufacturer does not provide any information about the number of plastic materials that can be incorporated into the mold, inquire from other plastic manufacturers and the dealers who have access to such information. One of the biggest disadvantages of two shot injection molding is the time taken to manufacture a single mold. This time is measured in minutes, hours or days, thus, it should be calculated according to the amount of plastic materials being used.

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