Attention should be paid to the following points of diamond grinding and polishing of injection molding machine:

(1) This polishing must be performed under light pressure as much as possible, especially when polishing pre-hardened steel parts and polishing with a fine abrasive paste. When polishing with # 8000 abrasive paste, the common load is 100 ~ 200g / cm2, but it is difficult to maintain the accuracy of this load.

To make this easier, you can make a thin and narrow handle on the wooden bar, such as adding a copper sheet; or cut out a part of the bamboo bar to make it softer. This can help control the polishing pressure to ensure that the mold surface pressure is not too high.

(2) When using diamond grinding and polishing, not only the work surface needs to be clean, but the workers' hands must also be cleaned carefully.

(3) Each polishing time should not be too long, the shorter the time, the better the effect. If the polishing process is performed too long, it will cause "orange peel" and "pitting".

(4) In order to obtain high-quality polishing results, polishing methods and tools that are prone to heat should be avoided. For example: polishing wheel polishing, the heat generated by the polishing wheel can easily cause "orange peel".

(5) When the polishing process is stopped, it is very important to ensure that the surface of the workpiece is clean and carefully remove all abrasives and lubricants, and then spray a layer of anti-rust coating on the surface.


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