Analysis of the advanced technology of the injection molding part of HXYD Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

HXYD Hybrid Injection Molding Machine is an advanced injection molding equipment launched by Haitian Group. It combines hybrid power technology and is designed for the injection molding production needs of industries such as high-end packaging, high-end daily necessities and medical supplies.

1. Ball screw and injection pressure sensor imported from Japan
The injection molding part of HXYD Hybrid Injection Molding Machine uses ball screws and high-precision injection pressure sensors imported from Japan. As the driving element of the injection action, the ball screw has extremely high linear accuracy and stability, and can accurately control the speed and force during the injection process. The injection pressure sensor monitors the pressure changes during the injection molding process in real time, adjusts the injection parameters through a closed-loop feedback system, and ensures the consistency and accuracy of each injection molding action.

2. Closed-loop control system
In order to improve the accuracy and stability of the injection molding process, HXYD is equipped with an advanced closed-loop control system. This system automatically adjusts parameters such as injection, holding pressure and back pressure by real-time collection and analysis of key data in the injection molding process, such as pressure, speed and temperature, to cope with different injection molding materials and mold designs, ensuring that the molding quality of the product reaches the optimal level.

3. Accurate injection position repeatability
During the injection molding process, accurate injection position repeatability is a key factor in ensuring product dimensional stability and consistency. HXYD Hybrid Injection Molding Machine adopts high-precision injection position control technology, and its injection position repeatability can reach 0.01mm level. This high-precision control capability enables the size and shape of the product to be maintained within the design requirements during each injection molding cycle, meeting the strict standards of customers.

4. Accurate control of the electric injection part
Compared with traditional hydraulic injection machines, the electric injection part of HXYD Hybrid Injection Molding Machine has higher precision control capabilities. The electric drive system can achieve more precise speed and pressure adjustments and respond to faster action requirements, thereby improving production efficiency and energy efficiency while ensuring injection molding quality. In addition, the electric system does not require hydraulic oil tanks and pipelines, reducing the maintenance cost of the machine and the risk of environmental pollution.

5. Non-contact displacement sensor and digital communication technology
In order to achieve high-precision control of the mold clamping part, HXYD Hybrid Injection Molding Machine uses non-contact displacement sensors and advanced digital communication technology. The displacement sensor can accurately measure the position of the mold when it is closed, realize precise mold adjustment and positioning, and ensure that each mold clamping action can achieve the accuracy and stability required by the design. Digital communication technology ensures the rapid transmission and real-time feedback of sensor data, effectively improving the operating efficiency and response speed on the production line


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