A servo injection molding machine shapes molten plastics to the desired shape

A servo Injection Molding Machine shapes molten plastics to the desired shape, while ensuring the quality of the end product. Unlike conventional machines, servo Injection Molding Machines are highly efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, servo machines are available in standard sizes and offer high performance and reliability. Compared to all-electric injection molding machines, servo motors require less power and noise. They can produce complicated parts with fewer inputs. Besides, servo Injection Molding Machines have lower maintenance costs and are reliable. The industry is expected to grow at a steady rate due to increasing demand for home appliances, electronics and automotive products from emerging economies.

To meet the requirements of rapid plastic molding, a closed-loop servo control system is required. This control system provides flow and pressure on demand. It also provides holding pressure and eject controls. It can also carry out folding mould control. These control systems can fulfill the needs of precise plastic molding, and the Servo Injection Molding Machine market is projected to experience strong growth in the coming years.

Compared to a traditional injection molding machine, a servo Injection Molding Machine has high clamping force. Its clamping force is 40-60% higher than that of a conventional machine. Moreover, it is also a significant energy saver.


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