HXF 410-I

HXF 410-I

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Product Details

Machine advantages:

  1. Clamping Unit
  • Reliable design with 5 pivot diagonal toggles
  • Twin-cabinet structure with high rigidity
  •  Automatically adjusting the position of mould



       2. Injection Unit

  • According to the product production needs,free choosing different diameters of screws
  • control the charge back pressure through a pressure valve
  •  Matching accumulator as to promote the injection performance 


      3 .Control Systerm

  • Configured with imported hydraulic and electrical components of high quality






Technical Parameter Table A B

Injection Unit
Screw diameter mm 65 70
Screw L/D ratio L/D 22.6 21
Injection capacity in theory cm3 1128 1308
Injection weight(ps) g 1026 1200
oz 36.1 41.9
Injection pressure MPa 182 157
Injection rate g/s 245 284
Plasticizing capacity g/s 33 41
Screw speed rpm 136

Clamping Unit
Clamping force KN 4100
Moving mould-plate stroke mm 700
Max.Mould height mm 800
Min.Mould height mm 280
Space between tie-bars(W×H) mm 770×720
Hydraulic ejector force KN 125
Hydraulic ejector stroke mm 180
Ejector number n 13

Pump pressure MPa 16
Motor/Driving power KW 30
Heating capacity KW 23.15
Machine dimension m 7.380x1.96x2.35
Machine weight t 13.7
Oil tank capacity L 680





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