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  • On-line service station  


    enjoy the on-line service in hand. By scan the QR code on the machine with your cellphone, you could transfer your requirement on service to HIGHSUN service center, and our service specialists will promptly provide the solutions, and you may always check the status of service progress for you in APP.
  • experienced service team

    HIGHSUN service team has already served the customers in over 90 countries for their initial installation or machine adjustment.
  • Sales and service centers

    HIGHSUN now take its headquarters (NINGBO) as core, and have already established six regional Sales and service centers in South China, North China, Central China, West China and Shanghai, Zhejiang, we also set up regional customer training and product promotion exhibition center, equipped with office and service car, offering door to door service for our customer. And HIGHSUN have spare parts depots in over 20 counties for offering global service.
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